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Animal hospital Postojna
Oncology under one roof
Oncology under one roof


We are committed to helping animals with cancer
and their owners by all possible means, compassionately
and unselfishly. We strive to give them hope and optimism,
supported by our professional knowledge.


In Animal Hospital Postojna we strive to provide comprehensive veterinary care to your animal from diagnostic procedures to treatments.
If your animal needs prolonged treatment, we can also help you with accommodation.

State-of-the-art equipment for the most demanding treatments

At Animal Hospital Postojna, a team of experts, dedicated to continuous professional development, works with up-to-date equipment. We provide a wide selection of diagnostic procedures (in-house laboratory, digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, computed tomography) and options for advanced treatment for a range of different diseases, focusing on oncologic diseases.

Anaesthesia and pain management

Anaesthesia is more than a mere anaesthetic injection. And pain is a state that we must fight, by all possible means, in modern veterinary medicine.

We realise how stressful a visit to the veterinarian can be for your animal and sometimes also for you. New surroundings, disease, pain, other animals, unknown people and unwanted touch can be highly discomforting to your pet. Sedation and general anaesthesia will remove or at least significantly reduce fear and stress in your animal, so we can focus on our diagnostic procedures to achieve the most accurate results for further treatment planning.

We understand your worries regarding sedation and anaesthesia, but with careful planning, adjusting the anaesthesia protocol to each animal and continuous monitoring of the animal by  experienced clinicians  working with modern equipment, the  risk of anaesthesia-related complications  is minimal.

To properly prepare your animal for anaesthesia, thorough history-taking and clinical exam are of utmost importance, when we also ensure that any additional  diagnostic tests  are performed, as clinically indicated. Age and underlying disease(s) are not contraindications for anaesthesia, but we need to have all the necessary data about your pet before starting with anaesthesia to make it as safe as possible.

Given all the diagnostic and treatment procedures requiring anaesthesia at Animal Hospital Postojna, we strive to provide the highest standards of care in anaesthesia and  pain management . Animals at our hospital will routinely undergo inhalational anaesthesia, computer-guided total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA/TCI) and loco-regional anaesthesia (peripheral nerve blocks, epidural anaesthesia, spinal anaesthesia). Using modern anaesthesia and monitoring equipment, we anaesthetise patients of all sizes and ages.

If you have any questions regarding anaesthesia for your animal, please, do not hesitate to talk to one of our anaesthetists.

Accommodation Accommodation



In the Animal Hospital Postojna we have some accommodation for students and some also for those animal caretakers who bring their animals to us from afar for longer treatments.

A story from ZOO Ljubljana

A slightly different day at Animal Hospital Postojna in the company of the king of animals and the Ljubljana zoo.

What our clients have to say

May 2014
Thank you so much for the life!
Thank you for the warm words, for your kindness. Many thanks to everyone! Thank you to the whole team and especially to dear Eva for all the nice words, attention, cakes, recipes…

With love,
Niko, Robi and Vesna
August 2011
Dear dr. Rejec,
Your dedication is inspiring, your optimism contagious, your professionalism admirable, your hands golden and your words reassuring. Thank you for everything, thank you for saving another life. Words of gratitude are all too dry to be able to express our feelings of happiness and gratitude for our Pajo.

Thank you,
Renata and Samo
July 2013
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving our Naiko. You are the best. Far around. Such a nice hospital, very kind staff and th greatest thanks go to prof. dr. Butinar.

Thank you again,
the Švent family
May 2021
we regret to inform you that on May 16 at 10.15 Wega died. Thank you for the two beautiful years of life that you gave her.

Kasia and Andrzej
On Pajo's behalf
August 2011
Dear prof. dr. Butinar,
Your boundless skillfulness and admirable dedication has saved another dog’s life. You have given another chance to our family member. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and determination. We will be eternally grateful.

Thank you,
Renata and Samo
February 2013
Dear prof. dr. Butinar,
It's been a few months since our visit. We would like to let you know that our Nero is perfectly fine for now! Apart from the fact the leg looks a little thinner, there are no visible consequences of the surgery. He runs as he used to before the illness and in general he is incredibly youthful for his age and we barely believe it. He loves snow, jumps in and rolls out. We really want it to stay that way! Thank you very much for your professional treatment, patience and understanding!

Janez and Lucija Volk
April 2013
Thank you for ...
For she was never scared ... for letting us stay with her when she had to "fall asleep" and while she was waking up ... for giving us strength ... hope ... Thank you very much for your smiles, patience, understanding. Thank you for all your love ...
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for these moments ... Thank you…

Elena and Franco
May 2013
Dear prof. dr. Butinar,
thank you for your hospitality and exceptional expertise! You and all your staff impressed us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Petra, Petar and Baloo